Commercial & Documentary Filmmaking

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We Love Telling a Great Story

Disciple Media is a full-service production company passionate about creating authentic films that resonate with our clients’ audiences. Our best asset is the ability to connect with our clients, capture their vision, and deliver a film that conveys their message in the most powerful light. For us, the art of persuasion is crafted with emotional connection.

We’re also proud to say that we work hard. We’re committed to doing the very most with each clients’ available resources… and then a little bit more.


A Few of the Friends We’ve Made


Take a Look for Yourself


A Step Forward: The Sager Family Homes Story

client: homes for hope


With You I’m Home

Client: Keystone Custom Homes


Do You Like Me?

Client: bic


Snow Day

Client: autofloorguard


A Mile in My Shoes

Client: crossnet ministries